Fall 2018 FabFitFun


Hello, ladies and gentleman! I am so happy to announce that I am recently a FabFitFun Affiliate! Now, hopefully, I will have more inside scoop on future things to come!

That being said, let me show you some of the things coming in this season’s box! I am super excited for this one because of two particular items that I couldn’t choose between so I just had to get both! Those items are one of the choice variations:

  • ALFRED French Press Coffee Maker

FabFitFun-Fall-2018-0049This item features:

* A stainless steel filter, press and frame

* Holds 20 ounces of liquid

* Is made of borosilicate glass

* The glass vessel can be removed completely for easy cleaning.


  • ALFRED Ceramic and Stainless Steel Teapot

FabFitFun-Fall-2018-0044This item features:

* A stainless steel lid

* Comes with a wide-lipped infuser for loose tea leaves

*Also holds 20 ounces of liquid

* Has a sturdy ceramic frame


Customization is now closed for the season, but you can still order your fall box to receive one of these adorable coffee or tea makers. Sorry to say, but since customization is closed, the one you get will be chosen randomly.

Another customization item this month was between an adorable umbrella and a nice new pair of Bluetooth headphones!

The umbrella, by Catherine Malandrino, comes in two designs. The one featured here is in “Red Floral” and the unfeatured design is “Black/White Floral”.

The earbuds also came in a color variation between white and black! If you order your FabFitFun today, you will receive one of these items in your box.

The final customization option for this box, if you are just a monthly subscriber and not annual, is between these three items:

These are skincare items from the brand Grown Alchemist. In the first image is their polishing facial exfoliant which includes traces of pink grapefruit and glucomannan extract. The second image is their hydra-repair day cream with camellia and geranium blossom. The last image is their hydra-restore cream cleanser with olive leaf and plantago extract.

Out of these three items, one of them will be included in your FabFitFun fall box!

If you’re interested in joining the FabFitFun community, use my *LINK* to sign up today! Sign up soon to receive the fall 2018 box! Also, for $10 off your first box, use code: PUMPKINSPICE at checkout!

Have a wonderful day!


The August YesOhYas! 2018


The YesOhYas! box featured 5 items this month with a retail value of $94! Those items were:

  • Beauty Creations Cali Set Palette
  • Sorme Blotting Paper – 100 Sheets
  • Laqa & Co Cloud Lips in Cherub
  • Crown Brush Angle Contour Brush
  • Maskeraide Pre-Party Sheet Mask

The Cali Set is a set of 9 shadows varying in shimmery or matte format ranging in nudes and pinky colors.

Laqa & Co’s Cloud Lips in Cherub is a full coverage pink lipstick. It us “as light as a cloud” with highly-pigmented matte finish.

Maskeraide’s Pre-Party sheet mask is to brighten, prime and energize. Perfect to prime your skin before getting ready for a night out.

Sorme’s blotting paper is made with a natural green tea, it is used to calm the skin and remove the unwanted oils.

The Crown Brush angle contour brush makes for the perfect sculpted face. With soft bristles your color applies smooth and flawless.

If you’re interested in receiving the September YesOhYas! box, sign up today with my link CLICK HERE and use code “YOY” to get 10% off your first month! $14 a month plus shipping for 3-7 full sized beauty items, it’s to die for!

Yes, oh YAS!


        Hello my beauty lovers. If you haven’t heard of this subscription yet, I’m about to tell you a little something about it. I’ve received this box for two months now, and I have to say, it’s made me pretty happy. In the Yes, Oh Yas! box, you will receive 3-7 FULL SIZED beauty products every month. How much is this subscription? 25 dollars? 30 dollars? Not at all! This subscription is only $14.99 a month with plus $3.99 for shipping. So in total, you’re only paying $18.98 a month for this box. That’s cheaper than the $21


August 2018 Palette Spoiler: Instagram- @yesohyas

you’d pay if you had Boxycharm. Boo, shipping?? That’s what I thought, until I received my box. It is totally worth paying the shipping price. And you have the possibility of receiving 7 items!


August 2018 Lippie Spoiler: Instagram- @yesohyas

What could be better than a 3-7 item makeup subscription for less than $20 dollars a month? Your box’s value will over be at least $85 or more! Plus, if you complete 1 full year of Yes, Oh Yas! active subscription you can receive a FREE limited edition box worth anywhere from $200-$400. Can you say YAS??


August 2018 Brush Spoiler: Instagram- @yesohyas

Payment is automatically taken out the first of every month and boxes are sent out the second week of the month. Want a chance to receive the August box? Sign up today using my link —–> CLICK ME!! Use the code “YOY” to get 10% off your first box. They are selling out soon so be sure to sign up quick!

Check back here later this month to see the full box plus my review of the items! SUBSCRIBE NOW

FabFitFun Review


Summer 2018

FabFitFun is a lifestyle subscription box that features a variety of beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness items in their seasonal boxes. The subscription only costs $49.99 (free shipping) every 3 months, so you will receive 4 boxes in a calendar year. The Summer 2018 box was my 6th box with FabFitFun and I have to say they get better every season.

Here is a list of the items I received in my Summer 2018 box-

I also had added on for an additional $10 the Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case in Peri Floral ($58).

All of that for only $49.99? The retail value of my box was over $300. That’s a great deal.

For every box, you’re also given some choice as to what you will receive with the customization option. There are certain dates before the next box comes out where you can view some of the items that will be coming in that season’s box, and you will have the option to choose which items out of the selected that you will receive. For the summer box, I chose to receive the Summer and Rose beach towel and the Aromatherapy Muscle Gel. You can also add on any additional items you may want (like I added the Makeup case for an additional $10).

FabFitFun is a fun way to explore new things in beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness. Join the subscription to also gain access to FabFitFun TV where you can find new workouts, recipes and more!

CLICK HERE to sign up today and gain an additional $10 to spend with my link!

For Mr. Lile.


Since you demanded a post, I’ve got one right here ready for you to read.

I’ve been waiting for something interesting to happen to me and I’ve finally got the perfect gem to write about.

I have discovered that one of my friends of the longest time, we share a deeper connection than I could have imagined. As of recent, since we’ve graduated high school, we’ve grown closer than ever before. We may not talk every day, sometimes we’ll go weeks without talking, but when we do talk, it’s like we never stopped.

The thing I love most about this friendship, is how freaky it has become. And when I say freaky, I mean… I cannot explain how this keeps happening. The last several times, it seems like whenever I think of her, that very same day she texts me out of the blue. Just to see how I’m doing and if I’m alright.

I just got a new phone and her number did not transfer to it when I activated it, so I hadn’t been able to text her whenever I thought of her (she no longer has her Facebook so texting is the only way of communication we have if we aren’t in person). I knew I didn’t have to worry about that though because I knew it wouldn’t take long before she texted me again to see how I was doing. It’s been about a week or two since I got the new phone, and this morning, is when I discovered we are more than just best friends. We are soul sisters.

This morning, I had a dream about her. I cannot give you any details of the dream other than I she was in it. Everything else I am drawing a blank on. I remember a lot of white, and maybe a table? And her parents were part of the dream. Well, when I woke up, I got the gut feeling that she would text me today. As my day went on I gradually forgot about the dream… until it actually happened. She texted me. Yes, she actually texted me. It is not the first time that I’ve thought of her and had the feeling that she’d try and text me that day and then she has. We’ve discussed how freaky it is and how connected we have to be for this to keep happening. And it has happened almost every time she’s texted me for almost a year now.

We are so alike it isn’t funny. I couldn’t ask for a better friend. She is my best friend. She understands me on a level that no one else could. She’s helped me so much through so many things and she is so patient with my feelings and opening up about things. I can’t explain the premonitious (I don’t care if that’s not a word, I just made it one) feelings that we have that tell us when the other is wanting to talk… but I find it to be one of the coolest things and I am thrilled to share it with such an amazing person.



Some nights are incredibly lonely. Tonight is one of those nights. When your throat has tightened up and you can feel every beat of your heart painfully against your chest. Tears stream out of your eyes with every gasped breath. It hurts to swallow. You can’t move. Your body has gone numb. You don’t have long to fall asleep, but you aren’t tired. The ones you feel like could help you through it aren’t responding. You don’t want to bother anyone else. You hardly wasn’t too bother those who you feel could help. Sometimes they’re your only hope. 

Every noise becomes brought out. The tick of a clock. The drip of a faucet. The hum of silence. They pierce your ears and you grow angry with every sound you hear. Louder and louder until the hum is like the constant splash of a water fall. You can’t block it out. Your hands won’t cover the noise. So you lay there and breathe. And cry. You hold yourself tight because that’s the only comfort you can find in the attack. You grip tight with your hands. You clench your teeth. Your eyes shut. Till you finally drift off to sleep. 

The Beyond


I know a lot of people don’t believe in this stuff… I know a lot of people also say NEVER to fuck with this stuff… And by “this stuff” I mean spirits and Ouija boards. 

I had always been skeptical about Ouija boards. I played with one once with a friend a year or two ago but it seemed like it was all a joke. I thought my friend was moving the piece and answering the questions. I’m still not sure if it was them moving the piece that time. 

Yesterday, another friend of mine and I went to the mall. We went to Spencers and there we found a Ouija board. It was about $30 and we sorta convinced each other to go halvies on it. We tried it last night. He did the chanting at first and nothing happened. After a bit more research we figured maybe we both have to do the opening chant. Well, the piece moved. I thought it was him at first. Maybe he was fucking with me. But after a couple of questions and the piece moving a couple of times to the yes, he wanted to say goodbye. So we said goodbye ’til the piece moved all the way to the bottom. He was freaked. He asked me multiple times if I was moving the piece. I swore to him, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it. I would never do that because I know I would hate it if someone else was trying to control the piece as a joke. That’s when I decided that I don’t think he was messing with the piece. He was genuinely freaked out that it moved and I know for a fact I was not the one moving it. I never thought before that Ouija boards legitimately worked… But after this weekend, I think I may actually believe in them.