Unexpected Change in Events


My day was going pretty well. I reconnected with my previous best friend and am now talking to her again, and she and I were supposed to hang out tomorrow with two other of my friends. We were planning on playing Yu-Gi-Oh! (yes, I’m 18 and I still play the enjoyable card game) but now my plans have been cancelled because my friend can no longer go. Yes, I know, it isn’t his fault, and it probably makes me a bad person for getting irritated at the fact, but I am. I’m more irritated at the way he handled the whole situation if anything: trying to tell one of his other friends to take us instead and then insisting on calling me while I’m already in the bathtub reading through blog posts when he could have clearly told me on Facebook, which he was already messaging me on. It would have saved less time and I would have been less annoyed with him. Now instead of eating pizza, playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, and catching up with old friends, I get to do nothing. Plus it will probably be too cold to start my flower garden which I’ve been dying to start working on. Maybe I’ll watch Disney movies with my brother…


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