“Odd”ly Enough


Yesterday turned out far more amazing than I could have expected. Since my plans were cancelled, I was able to grill my favorite Inside-Out Burgers (they came out amazingly delicious and the cheese inside was especially gooey and melted to perfection.)


A good friend came over right before burgers were ready, not knowing that my plans had been cancelled, because I had also planned to stay the night at his house for a movie night (also to get a new tin for Yu-Gi-Oh!) After eating dinner, we went dropped off my stuff at his house, went to McDonalds (I got a The Amazing Spiderman 2 mask), and went to the store to get snacks and my tin. Upon returning to his house, he informed me that there were two movies we HAD to watch that night: Mulan and Odd Thomas. Since the rest of the movies we planned to watch were going to be Disney movies, I thought we should watch Odd Thomas first. It was AMAZING. I seriously recommend that you watch it. It can easily be found on Netflix. I don’t want to give too much away for those who actualluly plan to go and watch it, but it is about a boy, probably around my age (18 or so), and his name is Odd Thomas. Odd is not a nickname, it is legitimately his first name (and it describes him very well.) He has the power to see the dead and various other things normal people wouldn’t. It is his job to use his power for the better good and stop certain events from happening. With that being said, I would say this movie is something I could watch many times without getting tired of it and I strongly recommend you add it to your list of things to watch.


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