pain.. Pain.. PAIN!!


Wonderful day at the beach today, that is until I sprained my ankle on the mud slide, but we still had a grand time. My friends carried me back to our spot and I hobbled around (with there help) to keep up with the fun. I’ve never sprained my ankle this bad before… But I’ll be able to catch up more on my reading. Planning to read The Fault In Our Stars sometime after I finish reading this book called Roomies. Absolutely love it too. Highly recommended.


Growing Up


I am a high school graduate as of last Saturday. Not only did I have that big event, I also had my first actual job interview today. I applied at my local library and out of pure luck one of the librarians that interviewed me has known me for a good portion of my life from how much we visit the library. I’m hoping I did good on the interview part and I’m fairly certain I aced the organization portion. I’ve gone to that library for so many years it would be great to have my first job there. Fingers crossed!