More Than Meets the Eye


I have been told that I do not look like the type of person to have a blog.

I’m not sure what the average blogger looks like, but I must say, I’m rather pleased with having started blogging regularly.

As a child I loved to write. My teachers always told me how advanced and creative my writing was. Up until high school I would write a lot. I still love to write, I just can’t find many good ideas to go with… or, I find too many good ideas, but no way to string them into a relevant plot. Blogging, though, has resurfaced the writer in me that I have dearly missed. Instead of imaginary tales, I now express my likes and dislikes on a more personal level.

I enjoy bringing my thoughts to life and sharing them with everyone. I’m not one to regularly speak up, so using my blog to do that helps greatly. Even if no one sees it, just getting it out there is all that matters.

I have friends who read my blog, and I love getting feedback from them. I like knowing when someone can relate to one of my posts so I feel less alone in the matter. It is so relaxing and such a great stress relief to have some way to speak what’s on my mind. Although the person that some posts may be about could possibly never see them, just getting the thoughts out there is such a big stress relief.

I wish my life was a little more interesting so I didn’t feel like I was boring you with my thoughts, but that is all that I have for today.

Stay safe, and happy blogging.





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