Shower Thoughts part 1


Although I didn’t think of this until after I got out of the shower, I was still drying off and hadn’t gotten dressed yet… so I’m counting it. I have reasoned this as part 1 with the assumption that I will post other “shower thoughts” as they come up in the future. 

So, I wonder if you can still be friends with someone after using pepper spray on them. No, I don’t mean like when you and a group of friends are playing around and everyone wants to take a go at getting sprayed. I mean legitimately using mace against one of your friends for a reason other than fun and experimenting. 

Why did this thought pop into my head? I own a small thing of pepper spray for safety reasons. I occasionally walk through the apartment complex areas that I live at especially when going to my uncle’s apartment (yes, he and I live at the same apartments. It’s totally awesome and only a two minute walk to get to his apartment from mine. I adore the convenience) and, although he always walks me back to my apartment because it is always dark when I leave, I walk to him alone.

So my thought was, what if you’re hanging out with one of your friends, just you and them, making jokes, having fun, and then all of a sudden they try to kiss you. When I say kiss, I mean full on they weren’t stopping, they’re determined to kiss you… and you can’t get them to stop, so you whip out your trusty pepper spray and blast them in the eyes. Of course, after they are able to see again they probably won’t want to stick around and will probably just leave. 

But what if you genuinely like this person as a friend, and even though this mishap has happened, you still enjoy this person’s company. I know, if they were really your friend, they should have known not to pull that stunt and once they knew you were uncomfortable, they should have stopped, but maybe they didn’t realize that. Would you actually be able to still talk to a friend that you have maced in a self-defense situation? Or would the friendship be completely over? I presume said friend would more than likely no longer want to talk after an incident like that, but this is just many of this did things that I think up. No, this isn’t something that has actually happened to me, nor have I actually maced anyone in self-defense or just for fun… although I would like to mace one of my friends to see what happens >:). 

That’s my thought for today, hope you’ve had a wonderful day and continue to have a happy evening!


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