No Means No


I just received a very interesting request, one that I have received multiple times before, and even multiple times from this very person. Can we be fwb? Now, here’s the part I just can’t ever seem to understand… I have vocalized many times that I do not want to fuck this person, I am not interested in them even touching me, nor do I really talk to this person or know much about them. But they still continue to ask me if I will fuck them every few months.

Last time this person tried contacting me, they asked if I would consider having a threesome with him and his girlfriend. I will tell you now, threesomes are not my thing. I am very selfish and when it comes to sex I want all the attention. It appalled me that he would ask me that after having already rejected the offer to sleep with him many times already. What makes him think I would have changed me mind? Especially since we don’t talk?

Apparently, and I’m saying this as he is messaging me this, he really likes me and would really like to have sex with me just one time. First of all, that is not the first time I have heard that from someone “I’d like to experience sex with you at least once.” Also, every time I tell him no, he continues to ask “please Alayna?” Definitely no now. I am not going to change my mind just because you said please. That’s not how this works. Just because you say you will do anything does not mean I have to drop my pants for you.

I’d say maybe if he tried for a relationship with me and not just try to convince me to have sex with him things could be different, but that would be a lie. After his very first attempt at trying to persuade me into being his little fuck buddy, he actually tried to get into a relationship with me. (Just a little insight, I had no clue who this dude was the first me he tried asking me to be friends with benefits with him.He was some random guy that had added me on KIK) I talked to him for a little while to see if I’d actually be interested in a relationshi with him, i even went out to dinner with him once. Sparks did not fly, and it really didnt help him that he had tried the whole “let’s be fuck buddies” before ever trying to get to know me. But since he liked me, he felt entitled to my body… wouldn’t be the last guy to think that. 

He contiuned to complain about how difficult I was. He just wanted it one time. What’s the harm in that? Just once and he’ll stop bothering me. Is that supposed to make me feel better? I’m not into the one night stand jazz, so that does not comfort my mind at all. Sorry (not really) that I’m not interested in sex the same way you are… But I’m not going to fuck you just because you want to fuck me. Not happening. Persisting for it will not make me change my mind. If I want to have sex with you, you’ll know. And if I don’t, please, stop the first time I say no. If I happen to change my mind, chances are I’ll find a way to let you know, but you bugging me to fuck will only make my no stronger.


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