Today has been a much better day, even though I woke up right as I had to be leaving for work… I’m surprised my pants aren’t on backwards. 

Despite the oversleeping, I woke up feeling a whole lot better. And even though work was testing my limits, it still didn’t damper my mood. 

Best part of today had to be discovering that Hacienda is doing a Margarita special for Margarita day. Boy, do I love me some margaritas. Thank you Facebook, for strategically placing that news on my timeline. 

The second best thing was getting off work at 1:30 instead of 2:30. My paycheck won’t be as hot but this time to relax is much needed. 

Hopefully the rest of this week continues to be great. šŸ¹šŸ¹šŸ¾


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