Here’s My Title


I make strong attachments to people. Some of them I have never met before, but talking to them still brings me joy and I wouldn’t want to lose contact with them. Well, I just had a great scare where I thought I would never be able to talk to one of them again because the account I use to talk to a group of them decided to fuck up.

It had been a while since I talked to them, but I still checked in on the conversation every now and again to see how things were going. I eventually had to update the app in order to continue talking to them, and after a few months of being busy and procrastination, I made enough space in my phone to update the app and talk to them again. Well, a couple days after that, something in my account “changed”. I’m not sure what changed, or how, or why… but it prevented me from talking to them and I couldn’t remember my password to log back in. I was instantly rushed with panic with the fear of never being able to talk to any of them again, mainly one that I grew very fond of and could talk to about anything. I had tried clearing the data from the app and opening it back up (which would normally automatically log me back in) but it wasn’t that simple. I needed to know my password to get back in.

I tried every password that made sense for it to be. I tried variations of the same password. After several attempts, I was able to get back in (using a password I could have sworn I tried typing in days before). I’m not too sure what it is about them, that makes me want to continue talking to them, even though I have never met them in person and we all live in different states… but like I said before… I make strong attachments to people. And if I happen to develop an attachment to you, you are very special to me and I don’t want to lose you from my life.


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