i am done


Done with today. Done with tomorrow. I am done with the rest of this week. Pause. Rain-check. Fast forward. Can it be over? Nothing bad has happened… besides the normal bullshit of living with someone you despise entirely. I just want to wait to do tomorrow. Can I get a time turner?

I am not going to go to work tomorrow… okay… that is a lie… I am going to go because I am an adult that has bills to pay. But I don’t want to go. I, with all my heart and soul, just want to lay in bed all day. I want to sleep. I want silence. SILENCE. I want to watch movies without any background noise leaking into my room from my roommate who has to play her music far louder than necessary.

What I really want is to watch Tim Burton movies all day. It’s my favorite thing to do, especially when I’m sick. Although I am not sick right now, I still feel the need to watch them all. So who wants to join me in this marathon? No one? Okay.

This week actually has been fairly good. As well as last week, for the most part. I get to go check out the designs for my tattoos this Saturday, and I also received my VERY FIRST credit card in the mail last Saturday. Go me! I have yet to actually use it though. I have subscribed to ipsy with it… but I have not been charged for the subscription yet so I still count that as not being used.

Speaking of ipsy… I am BEYOND excited for my subscription to actually start. I LOVE to do my makeup. Even though I barely ever actually do it, I still enjoy my face when I actually put effort into my looks. So, my sister (along with my own convincing) talked me into subscribing to ipsy… and we may even make our own YouTube channel for it because I guess people would actually want to watch us “unbox” our bags. I do have to say, though, I am rather excited for that too. I am not an “in front of the camera” kind of person. I hate my picture being taken unless I am for sure sure that I will not look like complete and utter shit. But, something about doing these videos gives me some sort of spark. I want to be seen, especially if I have a full face of makeup on (let’s be honest here… that’s probably where my confidence will be coming from) and I have already seen quite a few people say that they would instantly subscribe to our channel. So… yay us? I actually think it’ll be pretty cool. I certainly can’t wait until I receive my first bag!

Well, I am done for today. I am very tired. I can’t think of anything else to say. I’m not that exciting but I appreciate you reading anyway, so thank you! Talk again soon. Goodnight.



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