The Edge of Seventeen



This is kind of a review of the 2016 movie The Edge of Seventeen. If you haven’t heard of it, and you like drama/comedies, I highly recommend that you watch this movie. I loved it. 

You have been warned, there will be spoilers further down in this post. Read at your own risk. 

The Edge of Seventeen is a drama/comedy starring Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson. I found it in the comedy section, but it had far more drama than I expected. It hurt my heart, it hurt it so good. 

The movie is about a seventeen year-old girl, her father had passed away a few years ago and she only really has one friend. She’s different. Not bad different… I felt like I could relate to her a lot (probably why it hurt my heart so much)… Just different. 

Long story short, she ends her since-second-grade friendship with her best friend after her friend starts dating her brother and won’t choose between the two. So Naideen (Hailee Steinfeld-the main character of the movie) terminated their friendship. In her eyes, he life was going to complete shit. 

I absolutely adored Woody Harrelson’s character the most. He played as Naideen’s teacher, and (what I believe to be) a big part of the movie. He’s a complete asshole, in many ways. He could be rather rude towards Naideen, and as a teacher it was rather unexpected with how rude he could get. But he had a soft spot. He gave her his number in case she had any problems. Well, when she goes to hang out with this boy she had a major crush on, and he’s just there for a fuck, Harrelson’s character swooped in as soon as Naideen called him. I knew I liked him for a reason. 

I don’t want to spoiled too much more of the movie, but it did have a lovely ending, and I am extremely happy with the movie as a whole. It made paying $30 for it well worth it. (Yes, it was $30… I’m not too sure why… Probably because I bought it at Barnes and Noble because FYE didn’t have it). 

But, I give this movie a 4.9 out of 5 JUST because I feel weird rating movies as straight 5’s. It was really good and I recommend it to anyone that is willing to watch it. I know I’m certainly going to try and get several of my friends to watch it with me. And I’m definitely going to have to watch it again by myself so I can cry as much as I wanted to during it. 

That’s all for tonight. Hope you enjoyed. À bientôt. Goodnight. 


TMI Alert



Fair warning, right now, everything in this post is going to be very TMI. I will be talking about periods so, if you happen to actually know me… and you don’t want to know too much… don’t read this. Now, I know some of you will take that as a challenge and continue to read… and if you do… for the love of God, please do not ever bring this post up to me. I already feel weird about putting this out there, but I feel like I should talk about it.

Well, here it goes. Last chance to back out…


Okay, I warned you.

How do I start this? Have you ever heard of “The Diva Cup”? If not, it is a menstrual product… some find it to be rather disgusting. It is a reusable cup that is advertised to be leak-free and easy-to-use (it says so on the box). When I first heard about it that’s what I thought. Ew, I’ll never use that. Well… I guess that was a lie.


The Diva Cup models 1 & 2

I purchased this product last month (model 1 for those under the age of 30 and have not given childbirth) after my period had started. Even though I thought it was rather gross when I first heard about it, after a lot of consideration, I decided it might be a good idea and investment. Pads and tampons are such a hassle sometimes. Especially when Aunt Flo decides to visit early or you have a heavier flow and are required to change more often. I do not enjoy having to purchase these items every month or two, especially when I’m not keeping track of my period and it just pops up on me. So I decided to give this a try.

Since my period was already in full swing, and I hadn’t built up the courage yet, I told myself I would try the cup out for the next one. So here I am… giving my review on it. My period started yesterday, right as I was getting off work. It was a day late but I was fully expecting it to make it’s appearance yesterday because of how nauseated I was and I was beginning to have subtle cramps. If it wasn’t for the fact that I wanted to dye my hair yesterday and ended up having a friend over, I probably would have started my experiment yesterday as soon as I got home, but instead I am trying it today.

Before I say anything else, I feel the need to let you all know that I, at times, can have really bad anxiety… those of you that know me, and how dare you for actually continuing to read this, already know this about me. That being said, trying to use the cup was rather terrifying. I knew how to use it, I had watched video reviews on this product before I even purchased it, but it was new to me. I can’t use tampons due to toxic shock that I guess is pretty bad in my family, so I’m not used to really having to put anything up there…

Inserting it wasn’t all that hard (I decided on the squatting approach while in the shower), but as soon as it was in and, I assume, in place, I instantly had a panic attack. I was beyond scared I wouldn’t be able to take it back out. I couldn’t feel it at all really (which is good, you aren’t supposed to be able to feel it). Since I couldn’t feel it though, I wasn’t sure exactly how far in it was. For a couple of minutes I was constantly checking to make sure it was still where it was supposed to be.

After checking it multiple times, I decided to just try and take it out. It was a little difficult at first. I was rather nervous about if it would hurt coming out since it’s basically suctioned to your cervix, but that part didn’t hurt at all. Since I wasn’t fully relaxed though, it did hurt a little to fully remove the cup. I decided to just leave it alone and try another time. Well, that isn’t happening.

After I finished washing up, I decided to try one more time. I was able to insert it a lot easier this time, and, again, cannot feel it. Some people have complaints about the stem being uncomfortable, but I can’t feel it at all. It’s rather comfortable as of right now. I was able to sit down no problem.

It’s only been about an hour now, and I haven’t done too much moving around since I have been writing this post for almost the whole time. BUT, I think this might be something I will be comfortable with continuing to use. Of course, you will have to take it out throughout the day to empty it, but so far I like it. I am going to continue to wear a pad with it for now since this is my first time using it, but hopefully it works how it says it will.

Maybe I will make a follow up post of what I think of The Diva Cup after I’ve tried it a little more. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a fabulous day!